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Levaquin is an effective drug given for the treatment of infections of the bacteria. The medicine is also prescribed to prevent and slow down anthrax after its exposure.

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Drug Uses

Levaquin treats bacterial infections. It is also prescribed for preventing or slowing down anthrax after exposure.

How Taken

Always follow the doctor's direction while taking Levaquin. Never deviate from the dosage. Keep in mind not to take the doses in large amounts and also not to take the drug for longer days as it can only bring in many complications. The whole course of Levaquin should have to be completed if you want to get better results. If the drug is stopped in the middle of a course, there is a possibility that your infections may come back.

It is advised to take a lot of fluids while you are on Levaquin medication.

Missed Dose/overdose

Never miss any dose of Levaquin. In case you miss any dosage, it is better to take it as soon as you remember it. However, never take the missed dose if it is almost time for your regular dosage. Never mix any two doses of Levaquin as it can only complicate matters.

If you feel of having taken an overdose of Levaquin, call the doctor immediately.

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More information

Always seek the advice of the doctor before taking Levaquin. Moreover, when consulting the doctor, be frank to inform him about all your health conditions. This frankness is needed as it will help the doctor to decide on the proper prescription.

If you are having any allergies to any particular medicine, substance or food, your doctor should have to know it.

You have to tell your doctor about all your health issues including angina, heart attacks, diabetes, kidney problems, tendon problems and nervous system problems.

If you are pregnant or hoping to get conceived soon, better talk with the doctor about all the risks and complications associated with taking the drug during this period. Breast feeding should also be avoided when you are on Levaquin medication as the drug is traced in breast milk.


As Levaquin is known to interact with certain drugs, it is advised to tell your doctor about all the drugs, including prescriptive and non prescriptive medicines that you are on.

In case you experience diarrhea after taking Levaquin, do not treat it yourself. Always consult your doctor if you come across diarrhea, bloody stools and stomach pain.

Never take Levaquin for a prolonged period as it can cause a second infection. If you notice any symptoms of a second infection, you should not delay in contacting your doctor. He may sometimes change the dosage levels.

Levaquin is known to be sensitive to sun. Therefore, avoid sunlight and in case you go out, apply some sunscreen lotions or creams.

In case you want to have a typhoid medication, better inform the doctor that you are on Levaquin medication. Levaquin medicine is also known to interact with blood sugar levels. So if you are going for any blood tests, inform the lab technician and the doctor that you are on Levaquin medication.

What is Levaquin Prescribed for?

Levaquin is a type of Fluoroquinolone antibiotic medication which is used to cure and treat the symptoms of bacterial infections in our body. Basically, Levaquin is the brand name for the generic medicine called levofloxacin.

To be precise, Levaquin is used to cure and treat the symptoms of bacterial infections related to the epidermis, skin, sinuses, stomach bladder, Kidneys, prostate glands, respiratory systems as well as the nervous system. Apart from these above mentioned bacterial infections, Levaquin is also required to treat and cure the symptoms of bacterial infections which are known to cause pneumonia, Bronchitis, stomach ulcer, Anthrax as well as the plague. Similar to such diseases, Levaquin is used to cure any other kind of animal bites which are carried out by the rodents such as lice, Mice, and any other creepy animals.

Although there are numerous benefits from the consumption of Levaquin and another kind of Fluoroquinolone antibiotic medications, yet, it has been seen that due to the consumption of such high concentrated Fluoroquinolone antibiotic medications, patients have suffered from life-threatening and paralyzing side effects which have some serious effects on the healthy well being of a person.

Hence, it is advised by most of the doctors and physicians that similar to other Fluoroquinolone antibiotic medications, Levaquin or Levofloxacin should only be used in case all the other antibiotic medications have failed and there are no more safe antibiotics available to cure the disease.

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

What are some of the crucial information which patient should have before initiating the treatment regimen using levofloxacin or Levaquin?

It is, perhaps, the most crucial stage of a treatment procedure. Basically, the entire success or failure of a treatment procedure depends upon the idea as to how nicely or clearly you understood the entire procedure of the treatment of the particular medication. Hence it is advised by most of the pharmacist and chemist that a patient should understand each and every detail of the medication which the doctor has prescribed for him. If you do not have a proper idea about the medication for sure going to use, then there are chances that you may end up getting affected by numerous side effects due to some lack of knowledge.

It has been seen that if a patient is about 60 or 65 years old, there are any chances that Levaquin can cause serious tearing as well as rupture of the Achilles tendon. Apart from this, if the patient consumes the medications for a steroid, kidney diseases, cardiac diseases as well as liver diseases, then the chances of getting affected by the side effects of ruptures of fibers and muscles increases manifold.

Hence, if you feel any kind of swelling, pain at the joints, tenderness of bones, the stiffness of joints, bruises as well as mobility problems in your joints, then you should call your doctor or physician at once without any delay and tell him all the problems which you are facing. This is very important because if you do not let your doctor know about your symptoms of diseases, then it might get ugly and become a serious side effect.

Hence, it is suggested by most of the physicians and doctors that one should not consume Levaquin or levofloxacin if he or she has been suffering from symptoms of muscle pain or joint pain. Apart from this, it is also necessary to inform your doctor if you have ever faced any kind of symptoms related to Myasthenia gravis.

What are the cautions which you should follow before consuming Levaquin or levofloxacin medication?

It is very important that you should know all the precautions and questions before starting a treatment procedure for a particular medication. This is because if you are unaware of all the probabilities of a medication, then, you might overdose and suffer from symptoms in which the ingredients of the antibiotic medication may harm your body or you might take a very weak dose due to which you might not get the effects at all. Hence, it is very important to have a complete idea about your particular medication so that you can consume it safely and within the prescribed limitations of the doctor or the physician.

Hence, the following are some of the cautions which should be followed before you start a treatment regimen of Levaquin or levofloxacin:

  • You should never consume and initiate the treatment procedure of Levaquin or levofloxacin if you have certain allergic tendencies towards levofloxacin or any other kind of Fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin, moxifloxacin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin as well as moxifloxacin
  • Apart from these, it is also very necessary that you inform your doctor or physician about any kind of tendon issues, bone issues, Arthritis or any other kind of joint problems which you may have for the past couple of years
  • You are also required to inform your physician and doctor if you are consuming any kind of medications related to the cardiac seizures, reduced heart rate as well as abnormal heart rhythms
  • You should also talk to your doctor if you ever faced any kind of symptoms related to the long QT syndrome which might also be present in one of your family members
  • It is very important that you declare all the medications which you consume related to your kidney diseases, liver diseases, lung diseases or any other kind of nervous system disorders.

Apart from all these precautions, a person should also declare any other kind of medications related to mental disorders such as epileptic seizures or shocks, nervous system disorders and extremely low levels of potassium in your blood called hypoleukaemia.

Should you increase the dosage of Levaquin according to your wish?

It has been seen among many patients that during the first few weeks of treatment, the medication does not show in of satisfactory results hence, due to lack of patience, some of the patients tend to increase the dosage of the medication without asking the permission from the doctor or the physician.

It is to be clearly understood that such a type of activity can become very dangerous in the long run. Hence, it is advised by most of the physicians and doctors that no one should increase or decrease the dosage of a particular medication without the prior permission of their physician.

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